SEG English Foundation Programme

The SEG English Foundation Programme is an ideal way for students to improve their English skills before starting their hospitality studies with a Swiss Education Group School.

Programme Structure
The SEG English Foundation Programme runs in blocks of 4 weeks throughout the year. Students may enter the programme at the beginning of any 4-week block. Students must achieve the required English level before they can start their hospitality programme.

The programme is offered for all SEG Students at the Hotel Institute Montreux campus in Montreux.

Transfer to School
After completion of their foundation course, students are transferred to their SEG school in order to commence their academic programme.

Accommodation is provided in comfortable twin rooms.

All meals are included in the indicated fees.

Entry Requirements
  • A student must be enrolled in a Undergraduate or PGD programme at an SEG school
  • English level equivalent to IELTS 4.5 or less than 50 points at the Oxford online Placement test*
The fee is 600 CHF.- per week. Students must take a minimum of 4 weeks. The fee includes all expenses (tuition, accommodation, meals, excursions, insurance, etc.).

* The Oxford Online Placement test can be taken free of charge. Please contact us to find your nearest test centre.


Recommended Number of Weeks of English Foundation based on the Oxford Online Placement Test
OOPT ScoreGuideline to Achieve an OOPT Score of 50+Guideline to Achieve an OOPT Score of 60+/70+
60-69No course required4-8 weeks
50-59No course required8-12 weeks
48-494-8 weeks12-16 weeks
46-478-12 weeks16-20 weeks
44-4512-16 weeks20 weeks
40-4316-20 weeksRecommendation to take additional preparatory English programs prior to joining.
1-39Swiss authorities require a minimum score of 40 points; recommendation to take an external English program before joining a SEG school


2014 Intakes

  • 1 September (on César Ritz Colleges Le Bouveret campus)
  • 29 September
  • 27 October
  • 24 November


2015 Intakes

  • 5 January
  • 2 February
  • 9 March
  • 6 April
  • 11 May
  • 8 June
  • 13 July
  • 10 August
  • 7 September
  • 5 October
  • 2 November
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