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Located in the heart of Montreux, within easy reach of Geneva airport, study Swiss hospitality combined with American business management. Choose to specialise in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources or Luxury Business Management.

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Successful Alumni Story

Yiannis Magkos

Yiannis Magkos (Greece) – Owner and Founder of the LOS Simi Art Yacht Club in Simi Island, Greece

"At Hotel Institute Montreux we understand how to create a 'Five Star' experience"

Yiannis Magkos graduated from HIM in Montreux with a BBA in Hospitality Management in February 2014. Four months later he opened his own restaurant on Simi Island in Greece, where he grew up.

Very inspired by the Introduction to Art course taken in his last year at HIM, it started Yiannis thinking about creating a unique place – the LOS Simi Art Yacht Club combines an exquisite restaurant, a superb art gallery and an appealing night club.

The name LOS, stands for Lobster, Oyster and Sushi, which represents the phenomenal fresh food from the sea that this island restaurant offers. On the island of Simi there is no airport, guests can only arrive by boat, depending on the weather people from around the world arrive on the island of Simi and stop in to enjoy a healthy breakfast, a chic lunch or an elegant dinner.

On the second floor there is an Art Gallery that revives the Italian former offices where the Surrender of the Dodekanisos Islands was signed back in 1945. On its walls are exhibited artworks with international appeal as Philippe Pasqua, Erro, Adami and Pavlos as well as important Greek artists.

When asked what is the most important lesson learned from his three years studying at HIM in Switzerland, Yiannis believes that the curriculum is designed to prepare students: "we know what it takes to move forward in our working life and we understand how to create a high class 'five star experience'." These two key lessons are what motivated him to open LOS, and why he is happy to be running this exclusive fine dining restaurant and bar. At 23, he’s thinking about what…? Opening other establishments, outside of Greece.