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“The education of young and talented individuals looking to enter the booming hospitality industry is certainly a great challenge but it is a very rewarding task. Our students come from the 4 corners of the world to be taught here in Switzerland, whose reputation for hospitality management education is unsurpassed. Their expectations are certainly very high and we strive to provide the best possible education and experience to all of them. They quickly become part of a big family, made up of their friends, tutors and all the employees that contribute in making their stay with us a memorable one. Each SEG employee is a key link in this process and contributes to the success of our mission and our students."

Florent Rondez
CEO, Swiss Education Group

The HR Mission
Identify, develop and support, as an employer of choice, a team of employees passionate and engaged in transmitting to the students of our schools the human and professional values with a training of quality in a stimulating working environment.

Human resources participates in the formalisation of the organisational culture in order to develop and achieve the objectives of the group through the development and application of ethical and transparent processes that favour employees’ recognition, further development and encourage the communication and work ownership of each staff member.

The HR objectives
  • To attract and engage employees of quality
  • To evaluate and manage the return on investment of the human resources processes
  • To ensure the continuous development of competencies
  • To encourage teamwork
  • To value and recognise employees within the organisation while reinforcing their continuous personal engagement
  • To formalise further development and career plans
  • To develop and ensure the follow-up of an internal communication strategy integrated on a daily basis
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