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Masterclass - Business Etiquette and Leadership Skills


12 May 2021 ( 14:00 ) UTC


120 min.


In this Masterclass you will understand the importance of leadership through the expertise of our lecturer and her great experience in the field of business and hospitality. Learn about different management approaches and how to apply them effectively in various industries.

Lindsey Thomas

Director of Language Studies, SEG

A professional educator with over 30 years’ experience teaching and teacher training in Higher Education and Professional Development, Lindsey Thomas is widely considered an expert in the field of British and International Etiquette. Lindsey has worked extensively as an etiquette consultant in both Europe and around the world coaching and mentoring on acceptable codes of conduct and behaviour. She understands how essential an awareness of social etiquette and business protocol is to build confidence and gain respect in the global business environment. Combining Swiss finishing school expertise with academic practice Ms. Thomas is an essential guide to navigate the complexities of savoir vivre, intercultural communication and social expectations, from the art of conversation to diplomatic protocol, she shows that the key to good manners is also the key to good business.

English (UK)