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The 21st edition of the International Recruitment Forum welcomed over 130 recruiters from 73 worldwide properties!

Under the theme ‘Mindfulness in Business’, we hosted panel discussions, welcomed keynote speakers and introduced Robbie Fenlon, a Swiss-based Mindfulness Expert and Integral Coach who hosted a mindful workshop and was available for advice throughout the two-day event.

According to Mr. Fenlon:

Mindfulness is about taking ourselves off auto-pilot and looking after yourself with a more caring attitude. Mindfulness helps us become aware of when we need to focus on self-care. It’s not a cure, but an important part of our self-energy management.



Finding an internship or job is the main priority for our students at the International Recruitment Forum. And the employer you choose has an important role to play in supporting your work-life balance which contributes to your overall health and wellbeing.

Taking the steps to match yourself with the right employer takes a strong understanding of yourself first and foremost. As our students and graduates make their initial steps to building their careers, we have outlined 3 tips to help you find the right match between you and your employer.


Mindfulness in Business, International Recruitment Forum


1. Ask questions up front about the work environment, company policies and overtime during the interview.

Because it’s important to know before! Do the company policies meet your work/life balance expectations? What hours are expected of you?

2. Find a team that balances your strengths and weaknesses.

You can’t be great at it all - that’s why we work in teams. And finding a great one means the right balance of skills across the board.

3. Find a working environment that matches your temperament.

Hospitality is often a high-stress environment that requires quick thinking and a lot of movement on your feet. Do you thrive in this type of environment? Do you enjoy daily contact with clients?


Mindfulness won’t solve all of your problems but is a very important first step to recognising how to care for yourself. Above all - Mindfulness will help you notice.

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