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Our students discovered something very special about the Fairmont Montreux Palace team who truly lived up to their leitmotif: creating memories.

Led by their Lecturer Erik Pravica, the students had the pleasure to participate in a workshop tailored for them on the topic of Food and Beverage. Following the footsteps of César Ritz who spent much of his career in F&B, it was an opportunity for this generation to experience the industry in a safe learning environment.

Students from César Ritz Colleges Switzerland visit Fairmont Montreux Palace


The Montreux Palace opened their outlets and beautiful surroundings for our students to give a short presentation about design & atmosphere, service styles, methods and overall organization. The workshop was designed for students to look at things from the point of view of the client as well as from the point of view of future restaurateurs.

Divided in groups of 3-4, each team was to observe, analyze and present their allocated outlet within a short period of time. The exercise focused on drawing out teamwork and communication skills from our students.

To top it all off, the most excitement for us came from the involvement of Fairmont Montreux Palace Management who really went above and beyond expectations. A true example of hospitality.

Lesson learned!

Sylvana Navarro, Programme Manager

Sylvana Navarro is a Programme Manager at Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland Le Bouveret Campus

Bachelor of Arts MA in Hospitality MA in Entrepreneurship
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