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Lecturer Anastasiia Burakovskikh brings experiential learning to the next level using Virtual Reality in her Wine & Beverage classroom.

When it comes to Wine & Beverages it’s a common mistake to think that only tasting matters…

A much deeper understanding is required by true hospitality professionals in order for them to create unforgettable wine and beverage experiences for their guests.

How does César Ritz Colleges teach memorable wine experiences through virtual reality?

Virtual Reality technology is a direct teleport to vineyards and distilleries around the world transporting students to the fine art of winegrowing or whiskey making in a matter of minutes.

It’s an opportunity to visualize and experience the professional concepts taught in class to prioritize understanding over memorization.

How can a virtual field trip augment learning?

Virtual field trips by no means replaces real life trips but they come in a solid second place. To truly understand wine, one needs to understand the location, climatic conditions and environment it comes from. Our students have visited Alsace, Lanzarote and Adelaide Hills to see for themselves how the vines grow and the different forms of manipulation done to the grapes at the winery.

Wine and Beverage Lecturer at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Pairing wine with virtual reality

Students have even virtually harvested agave plants and participated in peat kiln burning in the creation of Scotch Whiskey!

How can virtual reality prepare students for the real world?

Virtual reality is an opportunity to imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes which is crucial for supplier relationship management, product knowledge, industry insights and a great way to spark some extra creativity.

Wine and Beverage Lecturer at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Pairing wine with virtual reality


Completed with the full tasting experience, students are exploring and engaging with wines and beverages in a completely immersive way.

Bachelor of Arts
in Hospitality Business Management

Anastasiia Burakovskikh is the Wine and Beverage Lecturer at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Le Bouveret campus.

Bachelor of Arts MA in Hospitality MA in Entrepreneurship
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