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Student LifeCareer Switch: From Finance to Hospitality

Karen Nicole Hernandez Rodriguez is pursuing a Master of International Business in Hotel Management at SHMS. After 6 months of studies, Karen put her new skills into practice as the elected Banquet Manager for a diplomatic banquet in honour of the Embassy of Dominican Republic (her home country).

We followed her 6-month journey from first impressions of the school, personalized career counseling to the final result of the banquet.

When describing SHMS, Karen shared:

It’s very warm. You not only learn to have a good job one day, but it stays with you what you learn here. Its everything and beyond what I expected

Changing Careers

Living in a palace is just a dream come true. Waking up to see the lake and mountains is just lovely. You start your day in a very nice mood

Studying with a view of the Swiss mountains

This programme, they have a very good team of coaches. They are always pushing you, helping you to build your CV, to search for the perfect internship: the one that matches your personality and skills

Hospitality is in the details

Hospitality for me, is an everyday life. It is being attentive to details, it is being kind to other people. It is having anticipation of their need and also having common sense: remembering people’s names and making them feel welcome

Changing careers from finance to hospitality

After only 6 months in the classroom, Karen has received internship offers from The Dorchester in London, Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Stockholm and Hotel de Coudreceau in central France.

Watch her journey below.

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