Working for a World Leader in Luxury

14 January, 2019
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Working for a World Leader in Luxury

Miaoyingzi YU secured her first internship with Hublot Headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, a part of the LVMH Group, a world leading luxury group.

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What is your job title and how did you secure a position with LVMH?

The position title is Chinese Travel Retail Coordinator – which meant that my Chinese background worked as a major plus for me. It was my friend who originally told me about the job vacancy and I quickly applied.

Securing the position all came down to chance and very good timing. The company was looking quite urgently to fill this internship position and I was available right away.

What attracted you to the role?

The job responsibilities is what I was most attracted to.

The position is far more than retail – it’s about planning and strategy. And working for a company such as LVMH is an amazing opportunity for a first internship.

I propose and implement strategies for the global Chinese travel retail business conducting specific events and applying digital tools for the boutiques located around the world. My role includes developing the advanced hospitality services for the manufacturing visits, exploring new partnerships and enhancing business cooperation with existing key partners.


Bachelor in Business and Administration - Hublot Internship


What is a typical day in your position?

I normally arrive in the office at 8.30 and start by checking that everything is organized in the watch showroom. Following this, I return to my office to check emails.

A large part of the day is working with the guests to meet their needs. I organize visits to the Hublot Manufacturer for guests to see where and how the watches are made. I take care of booking meeting rooms, parking and catering a business lunch when necessary.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

A part of my duties is to create retail strategies for our boutiques around the world.

I recently completed strategies for New York City and London boutiques and am currently working on the strategy for Paris. For me, this is the most exciting part of my internship and where I feel I can provide the most value based on my education.

What were your first impressions of working in Switzerland?

I was very warmly welcomed by my boss and colleagues on my first day. The team was very organized and provided a package of material on my desk helping me understand the company and my role in it.

On my first week I came across a man in the elevator who was very friendly and was interested to learn more about me and how my internship was going. After our chat we said goodbye and parted. Once I got back to my office, I finally realized it was our CEO!

What are some perks working with the LVMH Group?

There are lots of cocktail events in LVMH group and we are always welcomed to join which is a great way to be social. Another amazing thing is that the luxury group offers family discount and sales especially before Christmas which makes for some great gift opportunities.

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By Swiss Education Group