Corporate social responsibility

Giving back

The etymology of philanthropy: Derived from the Greek, meaning "loving mankind, useful to man".

We are proud of our hospitality ethos, and we extend our hospitality to friends, family, and strangers. As students learn from their time at our schools, there is always a way to give back and we encourage them to extend their hospitality to those in need.


The Mercury Phoenix Trust

The charity was formed in 1992 in memory of the late Freddy Mercury, lead singer of the group Queen and former Montreux resident. Since its debut, the trust has donated over 15 million dollars to more than 700 projects around the world.

As the official charity of the Swiss Education Group, each semester, students from each of the schools donate money from their fundraising activities, to support projects run by the fund in 57 countries around the world. Through education and awareness, the fund raises awareness and teaches people to protect and respect themselves.

Swiss Education Group Foundation

Our purpose is to support current Swiss Education Group students and help them successfully complete their education during challenging times. We are announcing its launch today to ensure that 100% of the net proceeds from ticket sales to the Mosimann Collection will automatically go to the Foundation.