Consulting Services & Case Studies

Consulting Services & Case Studies

Discover our range of consulting services for international corporations and governments, alongside recent case studies from top clients across a broad spectrum of industries and challenges. 

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For Organizational Learning & Development

For Organizational Learning & Development

We provide strategic advice and educational products to help enterprises improve their learning and development challenges with their top talent:
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For Business Development (Hotel Real Estate, Tourism and Leisure Development)

We provide strategic advice to companies, communities, and governments on the overall spectrum of destination development, marketing strategies, project management, and operations assistance:

Case Studies

Global Current Trends, Innovation and Value-Adding

Colombia is classified as an upper middle-income economy and is one of Latin America’s largest economies. According to the ministry that oversees tourism investment, Colombia saw an increase in 2018 of 38.1%. This growth is mostly due to the government tax incentives put in place in 2003 whereby any hotel investment was tax exempted for a period of 30 years. This measure has generated a hotel development boom that was not accompanied by industry know-how, qualified resources or innovative ideas to differentiate the products under development.

The Hotel Association of Colombia, COTELCO, is well aware of the urgent demand of their members to update their services and facilities to the current market demand to compete as a destination, as individual properties or hotel groups. Their ongoing challenge is the price drop in room rates and occupancy due to an excess of a similar offer. Colombia’s hotel leaders came to Switzerland looking for insight on global industry trends, how to innovate, stay ahead of competitors and increase revenue. They received numerous tools to apply in a varied range of properties (resorts, corporate) that would add customer value, whether in a tangible or intangible manner.

By providing research guidance and consumer behavior analysis, the hotel managers attending the course, reported back that they have developed numerous new revenue streams in their properties based on market analysis, differentiation, developing unique selling points that adjusted to their different segments; exceeding customer’s needs, wants and expectations as shown in their hotel reviews , and using innovation as the key to their competitiveness. In a short space of time, a new thinking process was developed. According to participants’ feedback, their most significant accomplishment was acquiring the skills to regularly assess the feasibility of adding new products or services.

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Over the past 20 years, a significant amount of leadership research has included a focus on emotional intelligence. Today’s leaders use their emotional intelligence to identify the leadership style that applies most effectively according to changing situations. By recognizing and using the appropriate emotional intelligence competencies that various leadership styles require leaders can build trust amongst their teams and achieve desired results. Focused training can increase emotional intelligence competencies.

Recently, a large luxury hotel in the Caribbean islands faced a challenge. A competing company had been building a hotel and was set to open within a few months. Due to the island nation’s limited labor market, skilled managers and employees had to be relocated from other countries at great expense. Mediocre employee opinion survey results at the hotel caused leaders to fear the loss of talent to the competitor. In response to the situation, the General Manager and Director of Human Resources decided to embark on a program which would raise the department managers’ awareness of their emotional intelligence competencies and manage those competencies to reduce employee turnover. The results were remarkable. Within a few months and without the raising of salaries, employee satisfaction increased significantly. The hotel lost only a few employees to the competitor, half of which returned shortly after that.

All-Inclusive Resort Operations Management

The all-inclusive resort model is quickly expanding and becoming increasingly competitive with brands like Hyatt, once considered too upscale for the all-inclusive model, moving in. To compete only on price, demands highly efficient processes and operating systems. Therefore, some owners of expanding all-inclusive brands are redesigning their operations to compete on experience instead of price only.

We have been working with an all-inclusive resort company in the Mediterranean to improve their operations by developing their leadership and decision-making acumen and provide tools to redesign their operational processes. The results have been significant, to the point of better positioning of the brand for the luxury all-inclusive market.

Small Luxury Hotel Collection

A small collection of luxury hotels in Europe and Northern Africa was expanding and growing and set out to develop their own leaders and General Managers for the future. In partnership with Swiss Hotel Management School and Swiss Education Group a leadership development program was designed and delivered for their rising stars. Over a period of four years we focused on developing EQ Leadership skills, critical analysis skills for balancing business priorities, creating people strategies to align with corporate strategy, managing risk and uncertainty, developing operational strategies aligned with business goals, and designing and blue-printing the service experience for their discriminating guests.

As we started to appreciate the genuine company culture and its focus on true craftsmanship in creating experiences, we were able to tailor the learning and development content specifically to their needs. Both the individuals and the company benefited from the enhanced collaboration across departments and properties as well as an increase in creativity and innovation and the strengthened emotional and social intelligence.

Theme Park & Resorts

Over the period of many years a partnership developed with a large Theme Park & Resort company in the United States of America. This partnership started with consulting in quality operations management and strategic alignment of the learning and development initiatives and grew into leadership development programs and collaborating on learning content for resort ecosystem management. The benefits have proven the value of collaboration; increased guest satisfaction scores in the luxury segments, increased staff motivation and leadership skills, and greater talent recruiting.

Hotel & Resort Management Development

The growing global industries in tourism, travel and hospitality are suffering from limited resources in people and leadership know-how to keep up with the increasing expectations from the globally traveled consumers. More and more organizations are investing in learning and development programs for their managers and leaders. A major global travel and hospitality group from China engaged us for some training of their leaders from 20 hotels with participants ranging from VPs and GMs and Department Heads in Sales & Marketing, Rooms Division, Food & Beverage, HR, Finance, and Operations.

The participants engaged in a 20-day development program in Hainan, facilitated by senior SEG lecturers, that focused on mastering hotel & resort management from leadership to operations management. The practical groupwork and team-building approach allowed the leaders to explore their own strengths and opportunities to develop a final business development project that were presented to the Chairman for approval.

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