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Choosing a career in Hospitality

Dynamic and multifaceted, the hospitality sector includes a variety of industries including accommodation, food and beverage, travel, event management, etc. At the core of any hospitality enterprise, however, is the desire to create a unique and unforgettable experience in which people feel valued, welcomed, and cared for, whether it be in a hotel, at an event or during a meal. 

Exploring your options with a degree in hospitality

Choosing to study hospitality management introduces you to art of hospitality. As you learn to be mindful of the needs of others, you foster an attitude of service and humility, while flexing the muscles of creativity and agility, helping you grow into a better version of yourself. You learn how to present your best side to the world.

As you take on more responsibility and grow in confidence, you also develop important skills in leadership, communication, conflict management, and team building. These soft skills will also help set you apart as you explore who you are and what career you would like to pursue.

At Swiss Education Group, you learn ‘life skills for professionals, professional skills for life’, valued in the hospitality sector and beyond.

Experiential learning and internships give you the opportunity to explore what you enjoy doing and how diverse the hospitality sector is. Being able to apply hospitality skills in a variety of different contexts, from events to cruise ships, medical centres, theme parks, spas, and restaurants, to list but a few, helps you discover what you get the most excited about.

The added value of hospitality

Employers consistently praise our graduates for their business etiquette and how well-mannered they are. The skills and mindset acquired during your hospitality studies are valuable assets in any career you pursue and open up many doors.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management at Hotel Institute Montreux

“I didn’t want to come out of business school trained and prepped exactly the same as my peers. I wanted an education that helped me stand out. I chose Hotel Institute Montreux because it offered a strong business degree with a practical approach.”

Leonardo Gloor, Analyst at JLL's Hotels & Hospitality Group

Bachelor in Hotel Management
at SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School

“When I first hosted a client at Louis Vuitton, I poured the champagne how I would at a five-star hotel. The store manager looked at me and asked me how I knew how to do that, to which I replied, ‘I studied hospitality, of course, I can do this!"

Malvin Hartwell, works in the luxury retail sector

Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management at Hotel Institute Montreux

“Hospitality is a great asset to working in the field of marketing because you learn to understand people."

Nina Sophie Nest, growth hacking expert for a Swiss insurance company


Multiple specialisations and career options

Not just limited to hotel operations, your studies at Swiss Education Group give you the opportunity to choose from different specialisations and pathways. You also have the possibility to tailor your degree with specialisations or electives. So even if you don’t enjoy organising banquets, you might discover a passion for luxury brands or for marketing.

At Hotel Institute Montreux for example, students specialise in Financial Analysis and Wealth Management, Human Capital and Development, Luxury Brand Management, Franchise Business Management or Management for the Senior Living Industry. 

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César Ritz Colleges Switzerland offers third year Bachelor students electives such as International Business, Culinary Trends and Gastronomy, Marketing Strategy and Development or Sustainable Tourism Ventures.  

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Swiss Hotel Management School offers students pathways in event management, design, and digital value creation. 

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Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland students can specialise in pastry and chocolate arts, fine dining or vegetarian cuisine, while rounding off their practical culinary skills with the entrepreneurial skills they need to launch their own business.  

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