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We are your Swiss Alliance of Hospitality Management Schools

We look after 5 schools spread over 7 beautiful campuses in Switzerland, with a student body made up of 111 nationalities and 6,000 students. Each school benefits from a unique location and educational experience and, with a tailored hospitality education, your 5-star educational experience starts here!

Hotel management education

International Recruitment Forum 2019

Mindfulness in Business

Mindfulness in the workplace has numerous benefits for employees and companies. Our students will be exploring this crucial skill with the support of industry knowledge during this year’s event.

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Your Journey with Us


Navigating student life

Our Academic Counselling and Cultural Integration Services are available on campus to help advise and aid students in their daily life. 



Tailored career opportunities

Encompassing 3 main roles, our Career Services department works hand-in-hand with each school to offer a 5 star service to our students. 



Global Alumni connections

From the first day, students become a member of one of the world's largest hospitality alumni networks with over 21,000 members.

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