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About SEG

About Swiss Education Group

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Our mission

Swiss Education Group is committed to delivering world-class education that equips our students with the critical thinking and practical business skills that are most needed in the hospitality industry and beyond.

Our mission

Global Recognition

All our schools rank top 10 in the world - QS Rankings

Our story

Swiss Education Group (SEG) is the largest private educator in Switzerland. We currently operate 4 of the world’s top hospitality schools and have more than 6,000 students enrolled in our courses. 
With nearly 40 years experience in hospitality, business, and culinary arts education, we are firmly rooted in the great tradition of Swiss hospitality. 

We are committed to equipping our students with the leadership and entrepreneurial skills they need to thrive in the hospitality industry and beyond. We offer a wide range of hospitality education courses, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees. We also offer short professional courses, so students can choose a program that is specific to their individual learning needs and professional interests.

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Swiss Education Academy (SEA), formerly known as the Swiss Language Club (SLC) begins hosting summer camps for young people from around the world aged 7-18 years old.


Swiss Hospitality Management School (SHMS) is established as the first school under the umbrella of Swiss Education Group.


Acquisition of Hotel Institute Montreux (founded in 1985).


International Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (IHTTI) joins Swiss Education Group (founded 1984).


SHMS campus opens in Leysin after acquiring the Mont Blanc and Belvédère hotels.


First edition of the International Recruitment Forum in Montreux.


César Ritz Colleges Switzerland (founded 1982) joins the group.


DCT European Culinary Arts (founded 1991) joins the group under the name of Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland


Swiss Hospitality Management School (SHMS) becomes the first hospitality management school to receive Apple Distinguished School recognition.


Inauguration of The Mosimann Collection – A Culinary Heritage at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland in Le Bouveret, in partnership with world-class Chef Anton Mosimann OBE.


IHTTI School of Hotel Management becomes the first hospitality school to be accredited by the Chartered Society of Designers.


First professional courses in hospitality, culinary arts, and leadership launched under the name Swiss Education Group Professional.


Limelight building opens on the Culinary Arts Academy campus in Lucerne.


School of Hotel Management moves to the Swiss Hospitality Management School campuses in Caux and Leysin.


Apicius Culinary Laboratory opens on the Culinary Arts Academy campus at Le Bouveret.


All of our schools are ranked in the top 10 worldwide by the QS University Rankings in the Hospitality and Leisure Management category.


SHMS and IHTTI School of Hotel Management combine curricula under the SHMS brand.

Study in Switzerland

Rooted in the Swiss tradition of excellence

Welcoming students from all over the world

Switzerland is famous for its top ranked universities, ground-breaking research centers, and its commitment to investing in innovation. It is home to some of the best hospitality, business and culinary arts schools in the world. At Swiss Education Group, each of our schools offer a different educational focus, but they all share the same diverse international experience, rooted in the Swiss tradition of hospitality education. 

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Our partners

We partner with industry leaders from around the world

We bring the Swiss tradition of excellence to life in everything we do. Our global networks of students, alumni & partners are what make SEG a great community. We ensure our programs prepare our students for international careers in hospitality & beyond.

Yong Shen, Chief Executive Officer

Swiss Education Group

Young Shen, Chief Executive Officer

The origins of hospitality

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is respected and celebrated around the world. Its reputation as the birthplace of modern hospitality was established in the 19th century when wealthy tourists, aristocracy, and royalty from around the world arrived en masse to breathe the pristine mountain air and experience the breathtaking landscapes. The first palace-style hotels were built to accommodate them and cater to their needs. 

The world’s first hospitality management school was established in Switzerland in 1893, leading to a long tradition of excellence in hospitality, business, and culinary education. The Swiss commitment to innovation is perfectly tailored to today’s dynamic, rapidly evolving world. It is world-renowned for its commitment to luxury, quality, and service. The Swiss savoir-faire makes our graduates highly sought after within the industry and beyond.

Accreditations, certifications & recognitions

An international stamp of approval

These play a vital role in building and growing our reputation