Real Leaders, Real Talk


Real Leaders, Real Talk

Episode 1

Why we can’t waste this crisis

Eugenio Pirri, Chief People & Culture Officer at Dorchester Collection - After Dorchester Collection made the tough financial decision not to let go of any employees during the pandemic, Eugenio Pirri tells us why it was the right decision and dives into what he likes to call "covid dividends" and why we can’t waste this crisis.

Episode 2

The key to an entrepreneurial journey

Mike Massaro, CEO of Flywire - After announcing the company's successful IPO, Mike Massaro shares his experience and insight on what really makes an entrepreneur. He also shared the value and impact that company culture brings in maintaining a sustainable business. 

Episode 3

Drawing from the past to write the future

Mark Raffray, General Manager Ritz Paris - Mark Raffray reflects on how understanding the past can help you write the future, and how focusing on the core values of service, patience, discipline, and resilience, can help you provide customers an experience they will keep coming back to.

Episode 4

Revolutionizing the Saudi culinary scene

Rania Moualla, Founder and Chairwoman ZADK Culinary Academy - Rania Moualla is the founder of the first Saudi culinary academy. Saddened by how fast food was quickly taking over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, she decided to do something about it. From her very own cookbook to working in a restaurant, it wasn't long before ZADK was born.

Chef Series Hero Vladimir

Distinguished Chef Series

The Distinguished Chefs Series follows the visit of world-class reputable chefs to our very own Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, in order to give guest lectures and prepare an exclusive dinner with students. 

Stars from around the world

Chef Vladimir Mukhin
Chef Toshio Tanahashi
Chef Vladimir Pak
Chef Tony Olsson
Chef Laurent Suaudeau