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Transforming People

Together, we improve the value of your people, culture, and business. We align ourselves with your organizational goals to design a competitive, differentiated business proposition.

We partner with a global open-source community of top experts to up-skill your people and up-scale entrepreneurial enterprises, associations, and governments.

Our methodology

SEG Pro’s methods have been carefully designed to foster creativity, inspire productivity, and support team growth. Your talent pool will be able to expand their skill set, refresh knowledge, or branch out into new entrepreneurial business areas with our offerings.

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What we offer

Building a framework for success

As the Corporate Services division of the Swiss Education Group, SEG Pro’s global expertise offers integrated solutions across four verticals: consulting & advisory services and scalable project management; academic brand licensing and franchising; executive development courses and faculty training & certification; and online professional learning products.

The opportunity to offer our ultimate leaders the ability to continue their development is our commitment to emerging future leaders. SEG Pro has worked with us to develop an immersive and challenging program that will help us achieve this commitment.

Eugenio Pirri, Chief People & Culture Officer

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Professional solutions

Professional and Executive Development Programs

Bespoke short courses specially designed for businesses, associations, and governments via webinar or face-to-face participation.

  1. Supervisory and Management Courses
  2. Senior Management and Executive Courses
  3. Faculty Certification Courses

Academic Brand Licensing & Franchising

Academic partnerships for certification and franchising programs of vocational training and higher education institutions and co-branding an SEG school.

  1. Certified Program Partnership 
  2. Franchised Program Partnership 
  3. Institutional Franchise Partnership

Online Professional Learning Products

Swiss-made online learning products for BtoC, BtoB and BtoG.  Designed and produced for high impact learning.

  1. Online Certificate Courses
  2. Institutional Partnership
  3. Industry Partnerships

Consulting Advisory Services

Full consulting and advisory services for opening training and learning institutions, turn-key project management and tourism destination branding.

  1. Educational Advisory 
  2. Project Management 
  3. Tourism Destination Branding

This program has exceeded all my expectations and I can only recommend it further to any executive seeking to further their understanding for international business.

Claudia Valbuena, Sales Corporate Manager

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