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Quality assurance

In our commitment to fostering a student-centric environment, SEG's quality assurance system is meticulously crafted to oversee every facet of our institution's operations. This comprehensive approach extends across teaching, research, governance, administration, services, and resources, placing the student experience at the core.

Our dedication to quality assurance and enhancement is driven by a focus on the academic success of our students, strategic accomplishments, and the motivation and satisfaction of our esteemed staff members. It serves as a cornerstone for external accountability, ensuring that our institution consistently meets and exceeds standards.

To nurture and safeguard quality, we recognize the pivotal role played by the liberty and personal responsibility of all individuals involved. Encouraging autonomy and accountability is integral to the continuous improvement of our student-centric approach. Moreover, we emphasize that top-level management must establish organizational prerequisites and bear the responsibility for both the processes and outcomes of our quality assurance system. This collective commitment ensures a dynamic and student-focused learning environment at SEG


The Swiss Accreditation Council (SAC) has granted César Ritz Colleges University of Applied Sciences Institute, a major achievement which will enhance the institute’s academic stature in Switzerland and abroad.

Why Swiss Federal Accreditation Matters

As you embark on your academic journey, choosing the right institution is crucial. Accreditation ensures that your investment in education will yield valuable returns. Swiss Federally accredited schools are held to rigorous quality standards and are known for providing exceptional education. Employers seek graduates from accredited institutions, confident that they possess the skills and knowledge needed to excel from day one.

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Eduqua is a Swiss quality label that promotes the transparency and compatibility of adult learning and contributes to safeguarding the quality of adult education programs in Switzerland. 

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All of our programs are accredited by The International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE). This is an international accreditation organization dedicated to the recognition, benchmarking, development, and promotion of quality programs in tourism, hospitality, events, culinary arts, training, and research.

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WSET Programme Provider logo

We are an official program provider of WSET — Wine & Spirit Education Trust, the most trusted and largest global provider of wine, spirits, and sake qualifications— and each of our schools is able to offer the qualifications.

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UNWTO Affiliate Member Logo

Swiss Education Group is an active affiliate member of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism.

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Swiss Federation of Private schools

Swiss Federation of Private Schools

The good reputation of schools in Switzerland is based on various factors. The long pedagogical experience is decisive, but also the location in a multilingual country with different cultures. In addition, there is the proverbial Swiss quality in education, the high standard of living, openness on the one hand and discretion on the other, as well as the political stability of our country and the associated security. The private education fulfill an important function to the state education system, which is under the sovereignty of the 26 cantons. Therefore, Switzerland embodies a differentiated and innovative range of education, which is committed to multilingualism, respect for other cultures and high educational quality.

The aim of the Association of Swiss Private Schools is to make the high status of these educational institutions even better known throughout the world. The FSPS is continuously committed to improving the political, economic and legal framework for private schools in Switzerland. 

Academic partnerships

Partnering with American and British universities

Washington State University logo

Washington State University

The Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is awarded in partnership with the Carson College of Business at Washington State University (WSU). Offering one of the leading American hospitality management programs in the hotel industry, Washington State University is ranked among the Top 60 public research universities in the USA. The WSU degree in Hospitality Business Management is ranked 9th in the USA in hospitality research productivity (11th worldwide).The Carson College of Business ranks among the world's top undergraduate international business programs. 

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University of derby UoD

University of Derby

Rated Gold in the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF), the University of Derby's academic strength is backed up by applied learning to ensure students are ready for a successful career. It was named University of the Year at the UK Social Mobility Awards 2020 and Higher Education Institution of the Year at the 2020 NEON (National Education Opportunities Network) Awards. It also won the Guardian University Award 2020 for Social and Community Impact. The undergraduate and most postgraduate degree programs at Swiss Hotel Management School are offered in partnership with the University of Derby, as is the Master of Arts at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland.

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Northwood logo

Northwood University

The strong academic partnership Hotel Institute Montreux nurtures with Northwood University guarantees the quality of the Bachelor of Business Administration. The hospitality management program at Northwood is one of the few accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), which strengthens Hotel Institute Montreux positioning as a business-minded hospitality school.

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