Our Virtual Learning Environment Is Now Live!

03 April, 2020

Our Virtual Learning Environment Is Now Live!

All our classes, workshops and seminars will now take place in a Virtual Learning Environment for the foreseeable future.

By Swiss Education Group



As part of our response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Swiss Education Group has rolled out a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) available to all our students. All our classes, workshops and seminars will now take place in this VLE for the foreseeable future.

The advantages of using a VLE are significant. First, we are able to deliver high-quality teaching to students all around the world. The face to face interaction and live learning are similar to teaching models used in the classroom, and invaluable to less self-sufficient students.


How it Works

Swiss Education Group uses two pieces of software to deliver classes. The first is a platform called Moodle, an online learning management system which is used for content sharing, forum discussions, online quizzes, video messages and much more, creating a virtual knowledge database accessible from around the world.

Meanwhile, lessons will be delivered using Zoom, a virtual classroom and meeting programme that allows instant interaction with peers and with teachers. This online environment can also be fun, allowing for gamification of classes, as well as real-time responses to surveys and questions. 

Zoom also allows us to easily create engaging webinars, with up to 100 live video panellists in attendance at once. Lecturers can stream in full HD audio and video, and even record and auto-generate transcripts of each webinar for students to use for revision and discussion.

Graphic design describing the virtual learning environment 

How this affects you

We are confident that these platforms will allow students to engage with their modules and support them in achieving their learning goals. We have worked hard to ensure that our programmes have remained intact, and, as far as possible, unchanged. 

Some modifications have been made in certain assessments to adjust to online participation. Exclusively practical modules or selected practical content will be delivered in make-up sessions or bridging courses, once students return to campus in the following semester. 




This virtual learning experience has raised the level of respect I have for teachers, in terms of their ability to manage and encourage students during the process of transferring knowledge despite the location.



Shareen Kitur, Bachelor’s Student




With a great background, clapping hands, thumbs up and other interesting key features, the lecturers are able to teach the students in a fun and upgraded level of interactive atmosphere.



Charoenthanasin Chanyada, Bachelor’s Student




Zoom is an interesting tool that I believe has succeeded as an alternative to regular classes. It is easy to use and understand and allows classes to maintain a high level of information exchange in an organized way.



Gabrielle Borgheti, Bachelor’s Student




I find it a good opportunity for students to have online courses where they can continue their studies no matter in which situations all the countries are. For me personally it’s a great idea since I can focus more and no one is interrupting me like during in-person classes. 



Sofia Konovalova, Bachelor’s Student



The Future of VLE at Swiss Education Group

Swiss Education Group is committed to turning challenges into opportunities, by responding quickly and effectively to a fast-changing world. We are therefore pleased to announce that new courses, including our Nordic Hotel programme, will be available both on-site and through a VLE. As the world becomes more digital, VLE will become a larger part of our teaching methodology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if I miss online classes? 

Attendance and participation are an important component of learning and we expect students to attend classes and participate in online discussions and forums.

Will I have “work projects” with other students? 

Yes, there will be projects such as group videos, group blogs and discussions. Group work enables students to learn how to work with others from different international background and we encourage students to share their knowledge.

How many hours of the VLE course will I have per week?

Between 16 to 20.

Will you organize online masterclass? 

Yes, a selection of masterclasses will be available on different topics.

Will you organize “industry guest lecturers” talk via VLE? 

Yes, we have planned exciting guest lectures on a variety of topics.





By Swiss Education Group