AcademicsThe Omakase Dining Experience: "Trust the Chef"

The omakase dining trend invites innovation & surprise and offers the highest quality local fish available.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Chef Vladimir Pak is regarded as one of the most influential sushi chefs of the moment.

As part of the Distinguished Chef Series, Chef Pak hosted a sushi workshop for students and an intimate omakase and wine pairing gastronomic experience for guests.“Omakase” means “trust the chef”- It’s a dining experience where the customer leaves it up to the chef to select and serve seasonal specialities.

Toshio workshop

At his restaurant, the Russian-born Chef of Korean descent specialises in Edomae, a traditional form of sushi-making that combines fresh raw fish and cooked rice seasoned with vinegar. Each omakase menu incorporates ingredients and seasonal produce sourced mainly from Norway prepared using traditional Japanese techniques.

Before establishing Omakase, Chef Pak honed his craft around the world in Japan, Russia and Lithuania. His dedication paid off when he was crowned World Champion (Gold Medal) at the World Sushi Cup 2017. He also holds the position of Head Chef at the World Sushi Skills Institute and is a certified Sushi Chef from the All Japanese Sushi Association.
Toshio workshop

It is an honour for us to welcome Chef Vladimir Pak to our campus for this exclusive event. The exquisite dishes that he created are a testament to his vision and creativity. We are pleased that our students have gained invaluable insights about the omakase-style of dining, which is a form of Japanese dining in which guests leave their dining experience in the hands of the chef. Chef Pak’s dedication and passion for his craft are an inspiration and exactly the values that we hope to impart to our students.

Tanja Florenthal, Academic Director of César Ritz Colleges Bouveret campus.


Toshio workshop
During his visit, Chef Pak hosted a sushi workshop for our culinary Term 5 students, where he shared the history of sushi, the philosophy of Edomae style of sushi making and the importance of the rice element in sushi. Students were also given the opportunity to make their own sushi such as Seabass Nigiri and Maguro (tuna) Hosomaki (sushi rolls).
Toshio workshop

This was a wonderful opportunity to interact with the students and share my passion for Edomae style sushi. It was a fruitful workshop, with access to a great selection of produce and cutting-edge kitchen facilities at the campus, and the students impressed me with their ideas and creativity. It was an honour to be invited and I look forward to future collaborations with CAAS

Chef Vladimir Pak.


In the evening, Chef Pak hosted VIP guests for an exquisite 19-course omakase dinner emphasising the use of some of the finest ingredients from Norway, and elegantly paired with a selection of red and white wines. The Norwegian seafood included Langoustine from Midsung, King crab from the Barents Sea and Arctic Char from Sigerfjord.

Toshio workshop

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