400 wines in 4 days

09 May, 2018

400 wines in 4 days

HIM Wine Lecturer received a private invitation from the German Wine Academy

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I was recently invited by the German Wine Academy to visit some of the important wine regions of Germany. I was joined by 28 wine experts, Masters of Wine and drinks writers from around the world including Scandinavia, China, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

German wine is difficult to understand as it has different rules, regulations and wine labels than more widely popular countries such as France or Italy.

Unfortunately it often has a reputation for cheap, sugary and poorly made wines but after four days and more than 400 wines tasted I can confidently say that this is not the case.

Teacher from Hotel Institute Montreux

We started the trip with a food and wine pairing event tasting 35 wines with a selection of local foods. I was expecting sausages and schnitzel but the food in Germany has also progressed and would rival fine dining in any country.

There is a true passion for the wines and food of each region and with each vineyard we visited, we experienced exceptional products.

Vineyard visit in German wine region

On the second day we spent the morning as students at the Weininstitute learning about the complexities of growing grapes in Germany. The standard of education was extremely high and technical with a strong focus on the soil, climate and location of the grapes and how they influence the wine.

Over the following days we had an intense schedule of vineyard visits and tastings with the opportunity to meet some of the next generation of winemakers.

There is a collective of winemakers under the age of 35 who are pushing the boundaries of what German wine can be. Very exciting to meet and learn from them!

Where wine is stored

The trip finished with a visit to the German fine wine festival featuring more than 200 of Germany’s top wine producers.

Having the opportunity to visit different countries and meet different wine producers helps keep me aware of the trends that are happening in the world of beverages but, more importantly, let’s me pass this knowledge onto my students.

Teacher at Hotel Institute Montreux

Peter Slade is a Lecturer at Hotel Institute Montreux since 2015

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