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AlumniLiving and working in paradise: An inside look at resort life

Sandra Monzó Adell has been working as Xhale Club Manager since 2016.

Sandra manages 298 rooms and leads a team of 26 employees including VIP concierges, butler service, beach and pool concierge.

Living and working in paradise! Is it as great as it sounds?
Of course I have to say YES but there is a large difference between taking a holiday in a resort than working in one. However, on my days off, there is nothing better than taking in the views of Dominican Republic. It is an amazing country.

Are there any hidden realities that one might not realize about working in a resort setting?
Working on a resort means living in the resort. I wake up early to start the day at 7am and usually finish at 9pm. Our days are long and every day we are challenged to be perfect. Even our guests often ask us, "Do you sleep? Because we see you working everywhere in the resort".

Managerial position with Swiss hotel school diploma

What's the best advice you received from a past manager during your early career?

The best advice that I was given is the same advice that I continue to give: be humble in what you do and do not stop looking for what you want because this is the only way you can reach your dreams.

What are the key skills that have gotten to where you are today in your career?
Leadership, teamwork, organization and staying humble.

Graduated from Swiss Hotel Management School with a Postgraduate Diploma in Hotel Management

Sandra Monzó Adell Swiss Hotel Management School in 2016 with a Postgraduate Diploma in Hotel Management:

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