Embrace the interview: A strategic guide to landing your dream job

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Embrace the interview: A strategic guide to landing your dream job

Your dream of a management position in the hospitality industry is just an interview away. Apply these winning strategies to captivate the hiring managers of luxury hotels, resorts, and beyond.  

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A good interview secures the job


You are embarking on an exhilarating journey that will soon land you a coveted managerial role in a stunning hotel, resort, or other world-class hospitality business. Imagine yourself strolling the opulent lobby of a renowned hotel in a cosmopolitan city or the golden sands of a luxury resort in a tropical paradise. It’s no wonder that the hospitality industry has such a high rate of job satisfaction!  

Before those dreams come true, you must win over prospective employers and persuade them that you are the best candidate for the job. For aspiring managers, mastering the art of interviews is paramount. This guide will equip you with practical and proven tips tailored to elevate your interview game, bringing you one step closer to your dream role. 


There is no substitution for preparation  

The age-old advice of being prepared holds true, but what does meticulous preparation entail, especially when vying for a managerial role in hospitality? The following preparatory steps will help you stride into any interview with greater confidence:  

Research the hotel, resort, or hospitality business 
Get familiar with its culture, values, and workplace. Learn about its primary clientele, the size and success of its operations, and seek out any recent challenges or triumphs. Go beyond the surface – tap into media coverage and leverage personal connections for insider insights.   

Research the hiring manager/interviewer
It always helps your preparations to invest a few minutes in LinkedIn sleuthing to uncover shared interests or experiences that could form a connection during the interview. Visualize the face behind the name to establish a more personal rapport. However, keep it professional. Revealing that you have researched their private life could be seen as intrusive or prying.     

Know yourself
What you present is not all that you are. Look beyond what your CV shows prospective employers. What will they learn about you from an internet search, from your social platforms, and from media? Take some to time to clean up your social media presence. Consider what a quick internet search might reveal about you and align it with the perception you wish to convey.  

Research common interview questions for managerial roles
The internet abounds with articles such as 40 Hospitality Interview Questions (With Sample Answers). Browse articles from a variety of sources and take note of the most common questions. It’s amazing how often the same questions are asked in managerial interviews. Be well prepared in advance by developing speaking notes for common questions.

  • Use bullet points rather than writing long answers and attempting to memorize them, which sounds robotic and disrupts the conversational tone of the interview.  

  • Practice speaking your answers aloud or set up a mock interview with a friend. In your answers, use examples from work, internships, or your student experiences.  

  • If you share a story, start with an engaging hook that helps the interviewer connect with you. Your story should have a clear beginning, middle, and end that describes the action concisely and keeps the interviewer interested in ‘what happens next.’ 

  • Some interview experts recommend the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) as a way to showcase your impact effectively.  

Boost your confidence through learning
Immerse yourself in articles or videos about how to succeed in a job interview. You’ll find a wealth of informative articles about searching for and landing managerial jobs. Still, it can be challenging to wade through so much content. Here’s a good one to get you started; 5 tips to ace that first job interview.  

Strike the right balance
Prepare yourself enough that you feel confident and capable of handling various questions, but guard against over-preparing. Your brain learns and retains knowledge better when you take breaks. Strike the balance between preparation and mental rejuvenation.   

Self-care matters
Ensure you are physically and mentally prepared. Prioritize a good night's sleep, nourishing meals, and hydration. Tailor your appearance to align with the corporate attire of the prospective workplace. Whether it's a uniform or a particular dress code, mirror their expectations to help hiring managers envision you as part of their team.  

Online or in-person? Prepare accordingly
If the interview is online, set up your space thoughtfully to minimize distractions. Be aware of your background, tidy it up, or experiment with a background filter. Find a quiet, private space where you won’t be interrupted, and test your audio and video in advance to avoid technical concerns. If the interview is in person, arrive early, allowing time to center yourself. Breathe, channel your nerves into passion, and walk in with poise. Ensure your professionalism shines through the screen. 


Embrace the Interview 

You’ve done the research, and now it’s show-time. The interview is not just a hurdle; it's your chance to shine. Embrace the opportunity.  

Utilize nonverbal communication to convey warmth and openness. Make eye contact and have a ready smile. A firm handshake, eye contact, and a ready smile go a long way. Engage in “small talk” to establish rapport and put people at ease – a crucial skill in the guest-facing hospitality industry.    

Managers at world-class hospitality resorts are expected to solve problems decisively and calmly. Radiate an aura of calm confidence as you walk in the room, listen, and respond to questions.  

How do you maintain a sense of calm in a high-pressure interview? 

Remind yourself that you don’t need this job. This is not about being aloof; you should be passionate in showing how much you want the job and would love to work there. The difference is this: you are not desperate for the job. You do not need it to survive. If you place too much power in the hands of the prospective employer, you undermine your ability to operate from a place of calm confidence. You want the job; you don’t need it desperately. 

Ask Questions
Your questions are also part of your interview evaluation process. Use them to demonstrate qualities about yourself that you want to highlight – such as your curiosity, attention to detail, and ease with conversation. Posing good questions shows that you take yourself seriously, and so should they. Prepare some questions in advance.  

At job interviews, you’ll do most of the talking, yet active listening is also crucial. Consciously demonstrate your attentiveness through eye contact, nods, and affirming words. You may also want to restate a question in your own words to demonstrate that you understand the question.  

SEG schools are all in the global top 8 of hospitality schools. As a graduate you can trust in the education you received. Employers know that our students are well-prepared for managerial roles in the hospitality industry and beyond. Trust in the education and skills you’ve acquired. You’ve earned your opportunity to stand out in the industry.  

Embrace the interview as your chance to showcase the unique blend of education, skills, and passion you bring to the table. Trust in yourself, stay calm, and let your preparation shine through. The hospitality industry awaits, and you're well on your way to securing that dream managerial role.  

Employers know that our students are well-prepared for managerial roles in the hospitality industry and beyond.

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