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Corporate NewsThe Swiss Education Group journey: from vocational training to innovative learning solutions

Swiss Education Group and Royal Park Hospitality & Education Hub, Stockholm collaborate on developing innovative learning solutions.

Decades ago, Swiss Education Group started this journey with a clear goal in mind: to be a relevant learning and development partner for students and companies in the broader hospitality and service industry.

We started off as a standard vocational training institution, but along the way we mastered the art and science of immersive learning. After perfecting the learning product and student-centered services, Swiss Education Group focused on co-designing top-notch courses and programmes with leading industry partners, and collaborating with students to design their own learning and development programmes. Then we raised the bar once again in higher education, and designed multi-layered life-changing experiences that would transform students and communities of learners through creating unforgettable memories.

As Switzerland is known for innovation in life-long, practical, and apprentice-style learning, the Swiss Education Group journey now extends to professional and executive learning and development by supporting people and businesses in their quest to develop and grow their talent.

Our top-quality programmes are designed with a blend of leading research and practical insights and experience from expert practitioners to positively impact both personal and business growth.

In response to our business partners’ needs, we have designed and produced online certificate programmes applying that same methodology. In today's environment, the demand for online learning and development has sharply increased around the world, making this the perfect time for us to collaborate with other global innovation leaders. 

We are pleased to continue Swiss Education Group’s promise of relevance through our partnership with Royal Park Hospitality & Education Hub in Stockholm, Sweden, to provide Swiss-quality online certificate programmes for professional development within the hospitality industry.    

Swiss Education Group’s technical team has worked to ensure that our learning platform is user-friendly and intuitive, with a variety of message boards and forums in place to encourage the exchange of ideas and guarantee that you are always kept informed of requirements and resources available to you. 

At Swiss Education Group we are proud to be a part of this innovation hub, where diverse industries collaborate to incubate innovative solutions and create blue ocean opportunities for the hospitality industry. 

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