Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland names celebrity chef Anton Mosimann OBE honorary dean


Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland names celebrity chef Anton Mosimann OBE honorary dean

Chef Anton Mosimann’s exemplary career and commitment to excellence has always served as the truest inspiration for students and faculty alike at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland and now, this special relationship between school and chef has been formally recognized. Welcome to the family, Mr. Mosimann! 

Photos: Nuno Acácio

By Swiss Education Group

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Yong Shen and Anton Mosimann honorary deanship


It all started with a collection. 

Over the course of a career spanning five decades, Chef Anton Mosimann collected many, many things. Some were markers and mementos of his extraordinary achievements: a slice of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake; a gleaming series of medals; a stack of photographs, of royalty, dignitaries, celebrities (otherwise known as his clients). Some were more personal finds: rare, historic cookbooks, worn at the corners and fading with the passing of time; carefully curated recipe cards; and trusty kitchen equipment, in the form of elaborate piping nozzles, bottle openers, and ornate utensils. Each and every artefact, a treasure of a life well lived.  

Such a collection deserves to be seen.  


In 2016, the Mosimann Collection opened its doors at César Ritz Colleges and Culinary Arts Academy’s shared campus in Le Bouveret. Based over multiple floors and including a replica of the private kitchen of Claude Nobs, founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival and close friend of Mr. Mosimann, it’s so much more than a museum — it’s an interactive exhibition, an innovative study space and working library, fitting for a living legend such as Mr. Mosimann. It was an emotional moment for him, seeing his life’s work laid out in front of him, climbing staircases framed by hundreds of memories and peering into cabinets full of precious pieces, and just the beginning of a beautiful friendship between our school and this phenomenally successful, yet humble chef.  

Mr. Mosimann is an active partner. He cares deeply about the students and puts in the work. He regularly offers placements at his private dining establishment in London’s Belgravia and his catering company, run by his two sons (clearly the talent is hereditary!), he always makes a point of dropping by whenever he is in Switzerland, judges at various student culinary competitions and is a valued guest lecturer. He rolls up his sleeves, and our students are all the richer for it. We owe a great deal to Anton Mosimann. 

Anton Mosimann and his wife Katrin Roth(Photo: Nuno Acácio) Anton Mosimann and wife Katrin Roth

In recognition of his exceptional career and unconditional commitment to young talent, the school has named Mr. Mosimann honorary dean of Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland. Yong Shen, CEO of Swiss Education Group, bestowed the title upon Mr. Mosimann, in the presence of representatives from Canton Valais, and various industry partners of Culinary Arts Academy, such as Nestlé Professional, Ginox and MANE. The ceremony took place on November 2, 2021 during a ceremony at the Mosimann Collection, Le Bouveret and, as a symbolic sign of the bond, Dean Max Behesht presented Mr. Mosimann with a chocolate key.  

“I am very honored to receive this title,” says Mr. Mosimann. “With Swiss Education Group, we share the same values and goals of achieving excellence. This is why I have entrusted a large part of my collection, accumulated over a lifetime of work, to the Le Bouveret campus. I have also always been very happy to contribute to the academic programs offered at this culinary institute. I am convinced that the education provided by this school will inspire many young talents in their personal projects.” 

Yong Shen speech(Photo: Nuno Acácio) Mr. Yong Shen, CEO of Swiss Education Group, delivers his speech

“Mr. Mosimann is known throughout the world for his professional achievements, his passion for perfection, and his unparalleled talent,” he says. “With this award, we pay tribute to this great chef and wish to perpetuate his work so that it continues to be a source of inspiration for future chefs and hoteliers who come to study with us. 

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Mosimann for two years now. The first time we met, was at César Ritz Colleges’ Brig graduation ceremony. It was a pleasure to listen to his speech and learn more about his life and accomplishments, to better understand his passion, his dedication, his desire to help shape those following in his footsteps. He then recommended I visit the collection at Le Bouveret, which I promptly did, and have been visiting regularly ever since.” 

Yong Shen and Anton Mosimann(Photo: Nuno Acácio) Mr. Shen and Mr. Mosimann share a laugh at the deanship ceremony

That Mr. Mosimann is so down to earth is remarkable given his prestigious career, and all part of his charm. He has cooked for seven American presidents, eight British prime ministers, and four generations of royals, not to mention catered for the Olympics. His career began at the Dorchester, when Mr. Mosimann was made head chef at just 28 years old, proving age is just a number. There, he worked for 13 years, winning two Michelin stars and cooking for the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, who once ordered roast beef and mashed potatoes as a rather decadent midnight snack (don’t worry, she sent him flowers as a thank you when he was awarded his OBE in 2004!). 

Mr. Mosimann’s signature cuisine naturelle was revolutionary. His lightly cooked dishes, showcasing the individual flavors of each ingredient (in case you’re wondering, the first taste he clearly remembers from his childhood is that of Emmental cheese!), made waves in the industry, and formed the basis of his third—and most famous—cookbook, Cuisine Naturelle, published in 1985. Mr. Mosimann’s goal has always been to produce food that is not only good, but good for you. 

Anton Mosimann and student selfie(Photo: Nuno Acácio) Mr. Mosimann takes a selfie with one of the students

“Above all else, Mr. Mosimann is a true gentleman,” summarizes Mr. Shen. “He is an inspiration to me, to our students, to all of us here. I’ll never forget what he said on that day in Brig: ‘If I can do it, anyone can.’ While no one can be Anton Mosimann, we can aspire to be more Anton Mosimann: to tackle the twists and turns of life—and work—with half as much verve, determination, and creativity as he does.  

“There could hardly be a better role model for us all.” 

Chocolate key presented to honorary dean Anton Mosimann(Photo: Nuno Acácio) The chocolate key presented to Mr. Mosimann

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