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FacultyFaculty Friday Series: Meet Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi joined Hotel Institute Montreux in 2018 and is a multi-award winning, innovative educator, emotional intelligence trainer, and most recently "a global changer." She has held workshops at global events and can be heard on different podcasts speaking on a range of topics such as human values and women in leadership.

Dr Bakshi Khurdi is also the mother of two children, who are her number one priority. She was nominated as the most inspirational female entrepreneur by Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine. She is a role model and mentor to many international students from the Business and Hospitality Management Colleges.

Dr. Bakshi Khurdi teaches communications, sales and marketing, human resources, and luxury specialization courses at Hotel Institute Montreux but her passion for teaching revealed itself early in her life. She says, “Ever since I was a young girl I would act like a teacher, teaching people within my community. I saw poverty and the helplessness of children who couldn’t go to school, and promised myself that when I grew up, I would teach them the life skills they needed to be independent.”

Ruby with her HIM students


She adds, “I am a very passionate person who likes to learn new things and connect with people. I never stop learning. I’m connected to people across the globe through my masterclasses, YouTube tutorials and webinars.”

Like educators around the world, Dr. Bakshi Khurdi has had to adapt to teaching from home. She says, “It was a bit challenging initially but now it is getting better with the proper scheduling of activities. There are even some advantages that enhance productivity: there’s less travel and, of course, no traffic and parking stress. There is a 100% focus on the courses and people are finding a more optimal work-life balance.”

She adds that there might be the occasional technical glitch, like a slow or faulty internet connection, but says that these issues can generally be resolved quickly. Working remotely, Dr. Bakshi Khurdi has found ways to make her classes more engaging by blending lecturing and gamification tactics.

Her advice for her students in the current uncertain situation is clear. She says, “I would advise all my students, ‘Kindly stay calm! These are challenging times for everyone but we need to be strong and resilient! Do not give up; just keep going!’”

Ruby with HIM Dean Ulrika


Is there something Dr. Bakshi Khurdi’s students don’t know about this internationally-renowned educator and entrepreneur? She smiles and says, “I love dancing, singing karaoke, and am a proud owner of a Model X Tesla!”

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