César Ritz Colleges re-certified by Green Globe

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César Ritz Colleges re-certified by Green Globe

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland has recently been re-certified by Green Globe, reaffirming their dedication to environmental and social sustainability practices, crucial in the modern hospitality sectors.

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César Ritz Colleges Switzerland (CRCS) has recently been re-certified by Green Globe, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability. This achievement showcases their dedication to environmental and social sustainability practices, both crucial in the modern hospitality sector.

Key Highlights of the Re-certification:

  • Comprehensive Sustainability Education: César Ritz Colleges integrates sustainability into its curriculum, ensuring that students understand and engage with sustainable practices. This education starts with educating staff, then the students, spans from environmental to social sustainability, encompassing various aspects such as biodiversity, waste management, and ethical seafood practices.
  • Green Campus Initiatives: The campuses have taken significant steps to become greener. This includes housing on-campus beehives, using eco-friendly cleaning products, and supporting biodiversity through various campus activities. For instance, at Le Bouveret campus, initiatives like creating their own natural soap, working on academic posters addressing environmental issues, and managing food waste effectively.
  • Student Involvement in Sustainability Projects: Students are encouraged to participate in sustainability projects, such as glacier preservation and reducing food waste. They are also involved in community activities like preparing meals for seniors and fundraising for children's associations.
  • Certification Impact: The Green Globe certification acknowledges the colleges' sustainability efforts and provides them with a platform to raise public awareness and educate the hospitality industry on sustainable practices. It's a testament to the colleges' role in leading by example in the sustainability realm, both in education and operational practices.

Tanja Florenthal, Dean of César Ritz Colleges, values the recognition of these efforts, professionally as well as personally. Being very conscious of the importance of everyone doing their part to conserve the environment, she and her family even undertook a year of zero waste. So, this certification of César Ritz Colleges is something she is particularly proud of.

The certification aligns with the school's core mission to educate future leaders in sustainable hospitality. The certification from Green Globe underscores the work and commitment of the school. It stands as a significant milestone for César Ritz Colleges, demonstrating their ongoing dedication to sustainability and their role as pioneers in integrating these practices into hospitality education.

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About Green Globe

Green Globe is an international certification body recognized for its commitment to promoting sustainable practices within the travel and tourism sector. It plays a pivotal role in encouraging and supporting businesses to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • Global Sustainability Benchmark: Green Globe is a worldwide sustainability system that sets the benchmark for sustainable operation and management in the travel and tourism industry. Its criteria and indicators are internationally accepted, making it a leading authority in this field.
  • Comprehensive Certification System: The certification process involves a rigorous assessment of a business's adherence to sustainable practices. This includes evaluating environmental conservation efforts, social responsibility initiatives, and economic viability. The certification levels vary, reflecting the degree of commitment and achievement in sustainability practices.
  • Wide-Ranging Impact: Green Globe's influence spans over 83 countries, impacting various sectors within tourism, including hotels, resorts, conference centers, and transportation services. The certification system is designed to cater to the diverse needs of these different sectors, ensuring that each can contribute to sustainable tourism in their unique way.
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation: Green Globe encourages continuous improvement and innovation in sustainability practices. It offers solutions and strategies for businesses to enhance their sustainable operations, and it regularly updates its criteria to reflect the latest developments and best practices in sustainability.
  • Educational Role: The Green Globe Academy provides education and training in sustainability practices for the travel and tourism industry. This educational arm is instrumental in raising awareness and understanding of sustainable practices among industry professionals.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: Green Globe partners with various organizations and businesses to promote sustainable tourism. These collaborations are essential in broadening the reach and impact of sustainable practices across the globe.
  • Recognition and Awareness: The certification amplifies awareness of an organization's commitment to sustainability, helping to attract environmentally conscious consumers and partners. It also serves as a mark of quality and responsibility, enhancing the reputation of certified businesses.

The Green Globe certification is not just a label but a comprehensive process that demands genuine commitment to sustainability. It's an ongoing journey of learning, improvement, and adaptation to new sustainability challenges and opportunities. César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, with their re-certification, exemplify this commitment to sustainability, aligning their educational programs and campus operations with Green Globe's high standards.

For a more in-depth understanding of Green Globe and its certification process, you can visit the Green Globe website.

The re-certification of César Ritz Colleges Switzerland as Green Globe schools underscores their dedication to sustainability in the hospitality. It highlights their role in educating future professionals about sustainable practices and their commitment to making a positive environmental and social impact.

Do you want to study at a school whose sustainability values align with your own? Whether you are interested in hospitality or culinary arts, a degree from César Ritz Colleges or Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland will take you far.

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