3 reasons you should study hospitality management in Switzerland

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3 reasons you should study hospitality management in Switzerland

Few places in the world can compete with the natural beauty, lifestyle, and opportunities available to you in Switzerland. It's also the n°1 place to study hospitality. Here's why.

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1. Switzerland is the birthplace of the hospitality industry

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland has a long-established tradition of international hospitality, which dates back to the 19th century. Facilitated by the development of the railway across the continent and allured by the charm of the Alps, the European elite began flocking to this beautiful, landlocked country en masse to breathe in the pristine mountain air and rest in Switzerland. Hoteliers responded to this influx by building luxury establishments that met the high standards of these illustrious guests. The golden age of hospitality put places like Zermatt, Interlaken, Lucerne, Montreux or Saint-Moritz on the map, and confirmed Switzerland as one of the world’s top tourist destinations.


2. Switzerland is the world leader in hospitality education

On the global education scene, Switzerland is the best country to study hospitality management, with seven of the top 10 schools all found within its borders. All four Swiss Education Group schools are ranked in the top eight.

Rigor, precision, attention to detail, timely service, and discretion, are all Swiss values that have carried over into the hospitality industry from its very beginning. Swiss hotel management has become synonymous with excellence and a model to replicate.

Unsurprisingly, Switzerland is home to the world’s very first hotel management school and there are now many highly-ranked training schools to choose from. Their approach to hotel management training combines the excellence of the Swiss hospitality tradition and a focus on the practical aspects of hotel management. It is this Swiss savoir faire that makes our graduates highly sought after in today’s dynamic, rapidly evolving world


3. Excelling across sectors

According to the World Economic Forum, "Switzerland arguably possesses one of the world’s most fertile innovation ecosystems. It combines a very conducive policy environment and infrastructure, academic excellence, an unmatched capacity to attract the best talent, and large multinationals that are often leaders in their sector, as well as a dense network of small and medium-sized enterprises across sectors."

This reputation for quality and drive for innovation repeatedly places Switzerland at the top of many international rankings:

The country’s strong economy is powered by a highly developed service sector led by financial services and a high-tech manufacturing industry.

Swiss Education Group has been delivering world class experiences in hospitality, business, and culinary arts education for almost 40 years. Our traditions are rooted in the rich history of Swiss hospitality. We are committed to giving tomorrow's professionals the skills they need to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

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