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Student LifeWhat happens when 4 friends leave Iceland to study together in Switzerland

From César Ritz Colleges Bouveret & Brig to Hotel Institute Monteux, these 4 students have been studying their way across Switzerland. After almost 2 years in Switzerland, we asked them questions from – their favourite memory at school to who has become the most Swiss-like. Their friendship shines through in their answers.

Introductions please…

My name is Jon Sigurdsson, and I’m 26 years old

My name is Bryndis Johannesdottir and I am 23 years old.

My name is Marteinn and I am 24 years old.

My name is Steingrimur Hermannsson and I am 24 years old.

Where did you do your first internship?

Jon: I had the privilege to work for Schloss Elmau, which is a 5* spa-resort in the mountains of Bavaria, Germany. I did F&B service and absolutely loved it. I also learned to speak nearly fluent German.

Bryndis: I decided to go outside my comfort zone and move to Abu Dhabi for my internship. I joined the Emirates Palace Hotel as a Front Office Operational Trainee where I worked in various departments.

Girl from Iceland studying in Montreux

Marteinn: I did my internship in Phuket, Thailand as a front office intern.

Steingrimur: My first internship took place in Abu Dhabi at the beautiful Emirates Palace.

What is the most Swiss thing you have ever done?

Jon: Hike up Rochers de Naye, which is a mountain peak of 2042m near Montreux, and explore and taste Swiss cheese fondue at the top. Spectacular views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps.

Student in HIM Montreux

Bryndis: Two things come to my mind, hiking and dipping bread in cheese fondue along with drinking wine.

Marteinn: I have been fortunate enough to have made a lot of local friends through football and they often take me to these local traditional Swiss festivals such as the ‘’la Fête de la Châtaigne.’’

Steingrimur: I think it must be driving up the mountain with my friend, trying to find typical Swiss cows with the big bell around the neck. Luckily we succeeded.

What country was your first roommate from?

Jon: He was from South Korea, and we clicked right away. We are still in touch even though he graduated, and he’s planning to visit me wherever I go after I graduate!

Bryndis: She was from Sweden and has become one of my closest friends, thanks for the perfect match CRCS!

Marteinn: Me and Steingrimur were roommates for a whole one week before we decided that it would be for the best to have single rooms. We are still best friends though!

Steingrimur: Marteinn, he’s from Iceland as well.

Gentleman from Reykjavik in Montreux

Amoungst the 4 of you, who has become the most Swiss-like?

Jon: Definitely Marteinn. I’m sure the others have mentioned his football league, and he has by far travelled the most within Switzerland because of his football games. (His French is admittedly still around 3% though)

Bryndis: I’d say Marteinn due to his role in the local football team and his numerous attempts of speaking French to the locals.

Marteinn: I’d have to say me as I have spent most time with Swiss people.

Steingrimur: Well I would say that has to be Jon. Jon always focuses a lot on his manners and appearance in public and tries to make sure that we all behave, even though that rarely works.

What do you miss the most from Iceland?

Bryndis: Definitely the food, or more precisely the fresh fish!

Marteinn: The fresh fish from the North Atlantic Ocean.

Steingrimur: I miss the Icelandic food the most.

How do you spend your time outside of school?

Jon: I try to explore the towns I am in, I went jogging around Bouveret, Brig and now Montreux. Along the way, I always find a café/bar or a hidden local restaurant I end up trying out later during the term.

Bryndis: When there is time my favourite thing to do is to be with my friends.

Marteinn: Playing football and going out for drinks like most college students.

Steingrimur: I often go to the gym after school then to the occasional bar, restaurant or cinema on weekends.

What is your dream job?

Jon: After school, I hope to explore a few opportunities in high-end restaurants across Europe, from supervisor to manager. Eventually, I would like to own and operate my own fine dining establishment. I’ll send you all an invitation to the grand opening!

Bryndis: For the moment, I would love to work in HR, however plans change so let’s see!

Marteinn: I want to work for football club or a corporation like FIFA and UEFA.

Interview with Icelandic Bachelor student

Steingrimur: I would love to be a Business Development Manager for a luxury hotel or hospitality organisation.

What is your favourite memory from your university experience so far?

Jon: In school: My event. We had a 1950’s New Orleans jazz theme and I had the role of Service Manager. It went nearly exactly as we planned and I believe most of our guests walked out happy. Out of school: The summer term Saturdays in Bouveret. Chilling by the lake, playing music and swimming.

Bryndis: Without a doubt the summer term 2017 where most of the time was spent by the lake in excellent weather and I met so many amazing people!

Marteinn: All the good times by the lake during summer term!

Steingrimur: There are so many! I would say that my favourite memory though is meeting the people who have become some of my best friends today.

Bachelor students - interviews about student life in Montreux

What is your most memorable class so far?

Jon: Macroeconomics.

Bryndis: Roots of Contemporary issues.

Marteinn: Business Law and Roots of Contemporary Issues.

Steingrimur: Managerial Accounting

Jon, Bryndis, Marteinn and Steingrimur are currently studying the Bachelor of Business Administration at Hotel Institute Montreux

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