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Student LifeA week in the kitchens of Ritz Paris

Students of the Master of International Business in Culinary Management Programme spend unforgettable week at Ritz Escoffier at the Ritz Paris.

Guest blog by Thomas Ahmad Garrett MIB student at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland.

Fresh from completing our first term as culinary students, nine of us made our way to Paris for an intensive culinary lesson at the École Escoffier in the Ritz Paris Hotel. We were taught by some of the best chefs during our time there, and the recipes we made were magnificent. From stocks to lobster to rose macarons, each one delighted our taste buds.

École Escoffier in the Ritz Paris Hotel

All of us learned not only how to cook, but also how to work as a team. This was one of our most important lessons. We spent each day from breakfast at 8 a.m. to the end of our class at 5 p.m. together, and we all became closer for it. Through our hard work and our cooperation, we will all be stronger students going into our next term in Lucerne.

L’École Escoffier Ritz Paris is the epitome of excellence in culinary education. In the intensive five days of instruction, we covered nearly 25 different recipes of basic stocks, sauces, soups, appetizers, main courses and desserts. We were exposed to and engaged in creating the finest French dishes, the likes of which are only served in most premium outlets around the world. I recommend this course to every culinary student who is serious about learning fine European cuisine.
Abdullah Khan, MIB Student

L’École Escoffier Ritz Paris is the epitome of excellence in culinary education

While we were far from our home in Switzerland, there was a certain spirit that felt the same. César Ritz and his philosophy of hospitality is something we learn as students of César Ritz Colleges. Of course, this philosophy is manifested in all its grandeur at the Ritz Paris Hotel. Auguste Escoffier worked closely with César Ritz and is the creator of many of the techniques and recipes we learn at our college today. The École Escoffier pays tribute to him perfectly and was a great way for us to become more familiar with his teachings.

Going to the Ritz Escoffier Paris was a great team building experience and as culinary students, it bonded us more as a team in the kitchen. It got us ready to face the industry as well as next term at Culinary Arts Academy. I would recommend going to the Ritz Paris training to all culinary students.
Yvonne Weru, MIB Student

From stocks to lobster to rose macarons at the Ritz Paris Hotel

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