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Student LifeGrand opening of student designed cafe at Hotel Institute Montreux

Term 3 students designed and created the concept behind Coffee o’ Clock, the stylish café located on campus – all as part of their studies!

HIM student, Beijia Yang shares the backstory to this innovative and exciting project.

What was the inspiration behind the concept?
The concept behind Coffee o’ clock is connected to helping consumers to find a more balanced lifestyle. We try to raise awareness about healthy eating habits and make purchasing decisions that support our planet. For example all of our food ingredients are organic and materials such as napkins or cutlery are recyclable.

Student coffee shop at Hotel Institute Montreux

What type of experience do you hope the customers will have?
The primary customers of coffee o’ clock are the teachers, staff and students of HIM.

Between heavy work or study schedules, they can come here to enjoy a cup of coffee and to feel comfortable and relaxed. This experience is behind the name choice as well.

How did your classes help you prepare for this project?
To be honest, this was a quite big project! We formed into groups of 4, with at least 1 MIB2 student in each group. The final design took some elements from each group. It is truly an achievement of the entire class.

Student life at Hotel Institute Montreux

What do you recommend on the menu?
Personally, I recommend the smoothie and sandwiches! There are no additives in the smoothie which keeps it healthy and the sandwiches are simply delicious.

Student life in hotel management school

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