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Student LifeInterview with an aspiring pastry chef

John Henry's pastry journey has taken him from Sweden to Switzerland.

Where do you start when creating a new dessert?
The internet is always a good tool. I find pictures/desserts that I like and build from there. I alsoI like to pull inspiration from traveling and dining out at different types of restaurants.

What are your most favourite and least favourite ingredients to work with?
New ingredients is my answer for both. New ingredients are hard to work with and sometimes you don't know your boundaries when combining new flavours. However new ingredients are also my favourite because they open new opportunities and flavours.

What city would you most like to visit on a culinary adventure, and what tool and ingredient would you take with you?
Anywhere in Spain as I still haven't made it yet. I might bring a spoon with me, but I would not bring an ingredient, I would be search for one there.

What advice would you offer young pastry chefs just starting?
Follow directions, have patience and keep clean and organized. Some great advice I was told long time ago, that may not sound appropriate is “Keep your head down, mouth shut and ears open”. I live by those 3 rules.

What are your top three tips for success as a pastry chef?
Patience, attention to detail and respect.

Pastry courses in Switzerland
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What advice would you give to budding pastry chefs looking to take their pastry skills to the next level?
Internship, Internship and Internship. The best way to gain experience is to do it. Classes are important too, to understand the technical/scientific background to it.

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