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Student LifeInterning in Interlaken – 4 different experiences in an Alpine Paradise

Career Coaches Bruno Costa and Sibylle Freiermuth hopped a train to Interlaken to find out how 4 of our current students are faring during their first weeks of their internships in stunning Interlaken Switzerland.

Studying and working in hospitality

Lynn Wijngaard is learning to delight guests at the prestigious Victoria Jungfrau Hotel, working as a server and hostess in the F&B Department.

She is most excited about the opportunity to talk to and interact with the guests who visit from around the world. After her World Cultures & Customs class and living in such a multi-cultural setting at HIM, she hopes the opportunity to work with international guests will give her the opportunity to apply what she has learned.

Student from Hotel Institute Montreux working in the Swiss Alps

Just next door, Jonathan Yung is getting a taste of traditional Swiss hospitality at the Grand Café Restaurant Schuh, which has been serving guests since 1818.

After already completing an internship at a Four Seasons Hotel in China, he is now eager to get some insights into the operations of a traditional Swiss establishment.

waitresses in the mountains

And overlooking Lake Thun with a spectacular view of the Alps is the Hotel Restaurant Panorama, where Carolyn Li, and Chloe Yan are putting their service skills to good use in the restaurant.

Carolyn and Chloe both look forward to gaining more practice providing outstanding customer service. They hope their international experiences will be highly valued when they return to China.

Touristic city in the mountains

Biggest Challenge so far?

The unanimous answer is speaking the local German language. However, this is exactly why they chose to get work experience in the German part of Switzerland.

Hopefully by the end of their internships, the language apps, study sessions with friends and of course interacting with customers will all help them master the language.

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