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Student LifeMy Sports Management Internship: Combining people skills with love for sport

Christopher Hainsworth’s whole world has changed thanks to his internship with FIBA in Australia.

What path did you follow before joining Hotel Institute Montreux?
Before I came to Hotel Institute Montreux, I was a trained chef. I worked in different kitchens around the world and I always had a yearning to open my own restaurant. I thought the best way for this dream to become a reality would be to undergo business management training.

Since studying at HIM, my eyes have been opened to even more possibilities than I could have imagined and ever since, my dreams have evolved.

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is a far step away from running your own restaurant! Why did you pursue an internship with them?
I chose FIBA because I love sport! I was looking for a hands-on role with customers but wanted to step back from traditional hotels. The main draw for doing an internship with FIBA was the opportunity learn about event management and co-ordination. Within this role I work with everything from budgeting, working closely with national federations, development work with less fortunate countries to social media and marketing.

What is the most rewarding part from this experience?
The most rewarding part is working together with the professionals in the organization. I work directly with a former Olympic silver medalist, 2 former basketball representatives with degrees in Sports Management and Communication and an Executive Director with an extensive background in running basketball organizations. It’s a small team, so it gives me the chance to learn from everyone.

Work at International Basketball Federation (FIBA)

So what about that restaurant opening…?
Yes, my original plan was to open a restaurant of my own, but my internship has opened my eyes wide to the world of sports management. Today, I couldn’t think of anything better than having a career in this field. And this experience I’m currently undergoing is the best possible chance to fulfill this dream.

What advice do you have for another student considering their internship options?
I was extremely sporty during my childhood playing multiple sports.

I have a true love for sports and I’m sure my enthusiasm came through during the interview. So my advice is, if you have a love for something show it! It will help you get noticed.

I also recommend networking and meeting people. Switzerland hosts many of the international organizations – so it’s an incredible place to start!

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