Your career is our priority

"We pave the way to the career of your dreams"

Paving the way...

We pride ourselves on taking care of your future career. To do this, we have established our 3 pillars:

To EMPOWER our students' career development by providing them with the tools to be successful

To ENHANCE the quality of each student’s search with tailored career opportunities

To ENGAGE with members of our community (students, parents, faculty, alumni, corporate partners) to nurture key relationships

Discover the International Recruitment Forum

The twice-yearly International Recruitment Forum is exclusive to Swiss Education Group's schools. Held in Montreux, Switzerland, it gathers industry leaders from around the world to meet, interview and recruit students.

Job opportunities

Networking with our global Alumni

With 32 chapter presidents and 21,000 alumni members, we have one of the largest hospitality alumni networks in the world. From your first day at one of our schools, you will be in instant contact with our successful graduates.

Hospitality professionals network

Offering career advice

Every campus has a career management team dedicated to providing one-on-one support to students. As creators of opportunities, each team encourages wise career decisions and tailors their service to each student’s uniqueness.