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ProgramBachelor of Business Administration



Colin has undertaken a remarkable journey from his homeland in China to Switzerland to pursue his studies at HIM. His choice in HIM was not a random one; it was driven by a well-thought-out plan to enter the world of Hotel Business Management and eventually contribute to his family's hospitality business back home.

According to his research, HIM had earned its excellent reputation in the field, ranking in the top-10 globally according to QS ratings, and Colin was drawn to the positive reviews from alumni and current students. The prime location in Switzerland was another enticing feature that helped seal his decision. With dreams of running a hotel and making a mark in the hospitality industry, Colin was confident he had found the path to pursue his academic and professional goals.

Before beginning his studies, Colin enrolled in HIM’s Immersion Foundation Program. He chose to do this program not just for language skills but also for the opportunity to acclimate to the life and culture in Switzerland. It was a crucial step in preparing for his studies at HIM. Colin had certain expectations from the program, and he is happy to say that it did not disappoint. The cultural immersion and language support exceeded his expectations, setting a strong foundation for his academic journey.

He attended the Immersion Foundation Program on the Leysin campus of Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS), a tranquil alpine setting and he really enjoyed the experience. According to him, the campus facilities were excellent, and the staff and faculty provided invaluable support. Cultural exchange activities helped him get a sense of life in Switzerland, further enriching his experience.

Eventually, the term at HIM began, and Colin now finds himself thoroughly enjoying his time and the new location in Montreux. He attests that the academic and cultural experiences offered so far have been very enriching, and he appreciates the diverse learning environment, engaging courses, and the opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Living in Leysin and Montreux, Colin has had the opportunity to experience two very different Swiss settings. Leysin offered a serene alpine backdrop that fostered a sense of community and camaraderie. Montreux, on the other hand, is vibrant and cosmopolitan, with breathtaking views of the Swiss Riviera. Though he appreciates both settings, personally he finds himself drawn more to Montreux, which aligns with his aspirations and provides the networking opportunities and diverse experiences he seeks in the hospitality industry.

Colin's passion for the hospitality industry was not just a career choice; it was a family legacy. His family back in China owns a luxury hotel known for its opulence and tailored guest services. This business is more than a mere enterprise; it is a legacy built on traditional hospitality values and contemporary luxury.

Colin envisions returning to the family business one day. He sees his career trajectory eventually leading back to the family hotel, where he aspires to apply his education, experience and innovation to expand into a distinguished luxury chain known worldwide. His vision is not bound by geographical constraints, but he is particularly captivated by the idea of expanding into countries like France and Italy, where culture and luxury hospitality intersect.

Colin's ambition after graduation is clear: to be an agent of change within the hospitality industry, especially in the luxury sector. He aims to blend guest experience with cutting-edge technology, creating a bespoke ambiance that redefines the scope of hospitality.

Deliberating on specializations offered at HIM, Colin is inclined towards Luxury Brand Management. This choice not only aligns with his personal interest but also strategically positions him to infuse his family's brand with a fresh perspective. His expertise in this specialization would be instrumental in transforming their singular hotel into an emblem of global luxury hospitality.

Colin's journey from China to Switzerland, his academic pursuits at HIM, and his vision for the future exemplify the dedication and passion that drive individuals like him to make a significant impact in the world of hospitality. As he continues to learn and grow, Colin is poised to contribute to the industry in ways that elevate the standards of luxury and guest experience. We look forward to supporting and following his journey.

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