Quality in Swiss education

Quality in Swiss education



SchoolSwiss Hotel Management School

ProgramMaster of Arts



master of arts in hospitality student, Antoine Valieghe

My name is Antoine Vlieghe, and I am a Master of Arts student in International Hospitality Business Management with a specialization in Luxury Brand Management at Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS). I am in the 2024 class studying in the Caux campus.

I was born in France and spent the last few years in Monaco for my bachelor’s degree in business school before coming to Switzerland for my master’s degree.


What internships are you doing now, and what are you looking forward to from them?

I am happy to announce that from March of 2024, I'll be starting an internship at the headquarters of the renowned Haute Horlogerie brand Hublot in Nyon, Switzerland. The position takes place in the e-business department, to meet the needs of a growing number of customers that came with the digital boom. Covid has accentuated the virtual world, and brands have had to adapt to meet these new challenges. I am happy and eager to contribute to the company's success while learning a lot in the continuity of what I had learned at SHMS.


Why did you choose to study at SHMS?

I chose SHMS first and foremost for its international reputation and cultural diversity, for its educational approach, its teaching, the fact that students come from all over the world, and above all, the human aspect of the school's faculty and staff. What's more, the school's reputation, ranked 3rd best hospitality school in the world, motivated me to acquire the best knowledge and develop my professional approach in the field of hospitality and luxury.


What do you like about studying in Switzerland?

I chose Switzerland for my studies because of its worldwide and international reputation in the field of education, as well as its exceptional quality of life. The security offered here is of paramount importance to me, as are the peace and quiet and the breathtaking scenery. On top of that, I see Switzerland as several countries in one, offering an enriching cultural experience and linguistic diversity.

What's more, I'm convinced that the Swiss education system is among the best in the world, which is an undeniable advantage for my academic and professional development. Living and studying in Switzerland offers unique opportunities for exploration, adventure, and intercultural encounters, all of which contribute to an overall enriching and unforgettable experience.


For you, what is the biggest advantage of studying at SHMS?

The greatest advantage of studying at SHMS lies in the unique combination of its excellent international reputation and cultural diversity. As a student, being immersed in an environment where students come from all over the world offers an incomparable perspective on the hospitality industry. This cultural diversity enriches not only the academic experience, but also the overall understanding of the industry, preparing students to work in multicultural environments once they graduate.

Finally, the daily life on campus, where we lived, offered us, thanks to the staff and teachers, total immersion in professional development, quality of service, savoir vivre and, above all, interpersonal and relationship skills.


How will your internships serve your professional development?

My internships will contribute to my professional development by allowing me to gain practical experience in real-life working environments that I'm passionate about. Working at Hublot will give me the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills I acquired at SHMS, while developing new skills specific to the luxury sector. By working alongside seasoned professionals, I will not only expand my professional network, but also refine my understanding of the industry I am passionate about and develop my ability to meet the complex challenges it faces.


What advice do you have for future SHMS students?

To future SHMS students, my advice would be to be open-minded and seize every opportunity offered by the school. Get actively involved in academic projects, take part in school events and excursions, and look for internships that match your interests and career goals. Take advantage of the school's cultural diversity by building relationships with classmates from all over the world. Finally, stay curious and engaged in your learning, because that's what will set you apart on the job market and prepare you for success in your future career.

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