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Within four years of graduation, Wei Tu has risen in the ranks and is now a Learning Manager at Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbour.

Hotel Institute Montreux Alumna Wei started her career as a Learning Assistant with the Grand Hyatt Shangai and by the time she reached 27, was promoted to Learning Manager.

Why did you decide on a career in Human Resources?
My interest in HR started when I was doing my internship in the United Kingdom. I was doing a Front Office and F&B cross trainee rotational programme where I saw my colleagues putting in long, hard hours at work, but with no clear plans about what they wanted to do with their careers. I wanted to motivate and help them realise their potential.

In hospitality, people are the integral element of running a successful business. It is important to look after our associates just as well as they look after our guests.

Career in China with Swiss hospitality degree

Why did you choose to return to China to work immediately after graduation?
Shanghai is a diverse and vibrant city, whose hospitality scene has become increasingly attractive with many new luxury hotels opening in the city. I knew there was a lot of potential for me to develop my skills in HR in this city.

During the International Recruitment Forum, I had the opportunity to meet and be interviewed by the HR Director of Grand Hyatt Shanghai who was also the Area Director for East China region. After the interview I was offered the position of Learning Assistant and I knew I had to cease this opportunity, as the hotel is the flagship hotel training academy for other hotels under the Hyatt brand. I knew it would be great learning ground to develop a strong foundation in HR.

What have you learned about HR that you didn’t learn in the classroom?
In school you learn about structure and functions of different departments of a hotel and how to interact and engage with people. But in reality it can be quite different when you experience it for yourself! There’s so many different types of people you will meet, from different backgrounds and culture.

In HR our customers are our associates. We need to be approachable so people feel comfortable talking to us and we need to understand what they want and value. We want to cultivate people who care and it starts with us.

As a young manager, how do you handle working with colleagues who may be much older than you?
It’s important to be empatheic and treat others how we want to be treated. HR is about being involved with a rich diversity of people and thus you can never assume anything. So you need to be flexible and open-minded.

Any advice for those who are keen to pursue a career in HR?
My advice to anyone that is starting out their careers - don’t be afraid to start at the bottom and work your way up. Although I’m still in the early stages of my career, I’ve come across many people who want to fast track their career right after graduation so they pass up on other opportunities which might be equally as rewarding for their future.

Career in China with Hotel Institute Montreux degree

One of the first lessons my supervisor taught me was no matter what your position is, think like a manager when you do things. With that in mind and a positive attitude and passion to learn, you’ll have a great career!

Career in China with hotel management degree

Wei graduated Hotel Institute Montreux with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management:

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